Renting Referrals

The main way members have of increasing their earnings from neobux is by renting referals. The first time referrals are rented, they will cost $0.20 each and will be rented for 30 days.

They can be renewed at the end of these 30 days for various additional time periods – either 15,30,60,90,150 or 240 days. Renting for longer than 15 days comes with a discount so renting for longer is in the end the cheapest option with a saving of 30% when renting for 240 days.

However, be warned, letting any referrals expire rather than renewing them will incur a fee of $0.02 each for standard members letting referrals expire and $0.04 for golden members letting referrals expire.

You will earn money when your rented referrals click their orange fixed exposure ads – each standard member has four of these everyday (golden members have nine). Any standard or extended exposures that occur during the day that are clicked by referrals also count towards your earnings. Each ad clicked by your referral will earn a standard member $0.005 and a golden member $0.01.

If your referral is a standard members (they nearly always are) and they click all of their fixed exposures everyday, then they will earn you (4 x $0.005 x 30) = $0.60 for the 30 day rental period. This is a potential tripling of your money. Very few referrals do this however, but the potential is there to earn a large amount of money.

A referral must click a certain number of ads for you to earn at least your money back, this minimum amount is called the Break Even Point (BEP) this average number of ad clicks per day needed is 1.33 when the referrals are first rented but decreases when a referral is renewed for longer periods. The BEP for different renewal periods can be calculated here.