Neobux FAQ

1. General questions

2. Earnings and payment

3. Referrals

1. General questions

Q1.1. What is Neobux?

Only the best PTC ever! A PTC (Paid To Click) program is one that brings together advertisers and their target audience (you). An advertiser will pay to advertise their product, business or webpage so that when you view their ad, you will receive a payment. Usually somewhere between $0.001 and $0.02. A “bux” program like Neobux is a specific type of PTC.

Q1.2. What is server time?

Just like you have a time where you live (your local time), the server has a time where it lives – this is “server time” the current server time can be found near the top of your “View Advertisements” page.

Q1.3. What is adreset time?

Each day, at a specific time, your ads become available to click – this is your ad reset time. I do believe I read somewhere once that this reset time is the actual time that you registered ( I don&#39t
know this for sure).

2. Earnings and payment

Q2.1. How can I earn money in Neobux?

Everyday, free members (standards) get four fixed ads minimum to view. Members with upgrades get more – for example golden members get nine and ultimate members get 15. There can be other ads during the day and quite often there are a loe more, these are the guaranteed minimum numbers. There are also mini-jobs to do where you can earn money doing small tasks, like searching the internet for a website. These can pay $0.01 to as much as $0.28 or more per task. And of course, the big way to earn money is through referrals. The more referrals you have, the more you earn from them.

Q2.2. What are neopoints and neocoins?

Neopoints and Neocoins are just another way of earning money in Neobux. Neocoins can be converted directly to your acount balnce, however, neopoints cannot – see Q2.4

Q2.3. Why are my neocoins still pending?

When you watch a video or do a task to earn neopoints, these points will remain pending for 30 days before being credited.

Q2.4. What can I do with my neopoints?

Neopoints can be used for four things – recycling and renewing referrals, increasing your direct referral limit or upgrading to golden membership.

3. Referrals

Q3.1. I rented some referrals recently, why aren&#39t they viewing their ads everyday?

It is just how referrals are. Not all of them click their ads like you or me – most dont have referrals of their own so dont have the driving need to click everyday, so they do not click regularly. Keep an eye on them and recycle the ones who do not click enough.

Q3.2. Why do my referrals stop clicking after a while?

Some people get tired of earning only $0.001 per click and give up. Not everyone takes the time to work out how to earn best on neobux. Some of these members will try again later, and may also give up again. Earning money using PTC&#39s is not for everyone. This is why Admin introduced the recycle feature – so that you could recycle any referral that has stopped being active.

Q3.3. What happens if I recycle a referral that is extended?

If you recycle a referral with say, 140 days left till renewal, the new referral that you get will have 140 days left till renewal. When you recycle a referal, the new referral will have the same number of days till expiry as the referral you recycled.