How it works

Earning money online with Neobux.

In March this year Neobux had its 4th birthday celebrations – four years since it went into pre-launch. It has grown in strength remarkably over this time and now is arguably the strongest PTC program on the web.

To earn money from Neobux, you just have to sign up and start clicking ads. You don’t have to upgrade, you can remain as a free “standard” member. A standard member receives a minimum of four fixed ads per day which earn $0.001 per ad.

There can also be available during the day micro/mini/standard exposures, that earn $0.001/$0.005/$0.010 when clicked.

Another way for all users to earn more money is through referrals, either ones that you get yourself or Neobux allows you to rent them at a fee. As many members join without a referrer, there are quite a few referrals available to rent.

A standard member can earn $0.0005 per click of a direct referral and $0.005 per click of a rented referral. So you can see how it would be possible to multiply your earnings with refs. For example 100 rented refs with an average of 2 ad clicks per day would earn you $1.00 per day, a lot more than you get from your four ad clicks (it is true, not all people click every day, or all their ads).


So, come and join me at Neobux as my referral and we can all earn together.