Probux is a bux that is very similar to Neobux and has managed, unlike a lot of other bux sites, to last more than a year online. They have been online since August 2012 and receiving as many good and bad reviews as any other online PTC program.

You start as a standard member where you have 4 standard ads to click per day which earn you a total of $0.04 each day. There can also be a lot of other “daily exposures” and “extra advertisements” which can earn you around an extra $0.04 depending on what region of the world you are in and how long you spend online each day. This means as a standard member you can earn around $0.08 per day.

You can boost your early earning rate by doing tasks and offers. And of course, the big way to boost your income is to get referrals. If you are not good at referring people to your online programs, you can rent referrals. As a standard member, you can rent up to 200 referrals to help you earn.

You can upgrade to golden for $80 and rent up to 2000 referrals or upgrade to ultimate for $790 and rent up to 5000 referrals. If you use the projection center to calculate your profit, you need to realise that on average your referrals do not click as often as you would like. A typical average will be somewhere form 0.6 – 1.5.

It is important to know your break even point (BEP) if you want to know if you are making any profit. This is needed as it costs a certain amount to keep the referrals everyday and you need to earn at least this much before you have covered your costs. This is the break even point – when you have just covered costs with your daily earnings. Anything earned more than this is your profit. It can be a little hard for some people to calculate their BEP, but I use this simple online calculator for this.

Probux BEP Calculator