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  1. Niki says:

    Hello, I liked your NeoBux Calc very much.
    Can you send me the code and info how to set up it for my site. Thank you.
    All the best! 😉

  2. philip says:

    I really like your BEP calculator. I used it and it help me alot. I will be looking forward for your download-able version. If you could share your formula, it would be nice. But Thanks for sharing the calculator on the net

    • procrastn8 says:

      Hi philip,

      Sorry, there is no downloadable version. My friend who does the coding does it in php. Glad it helps, I will have a version that will calculate BEP when there are several different extension times … when my friend gets around to finishing it.

  3. SKY says:

    I like this blog, I think this blog gives you a lot of DR’s am I right?
    Like your BEP calcutor also well done bro.
    May I know your username in NEOBUX if it’s ok, and if you had a thread there to follow and read I want to learn more about NEOBUX…thank’s

    • procrastn8 says:

      Username is same as here .. but I don’t really write anything in the forums. To be honest, I have only got 3 DR in 8 months from this blog.

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